BodyRepair™ – Car Body Repair in Dubai

BodyRepair™ – Car Body Repair in Dubai
Has your car been through an accident? Are you looking to repair your car body here in Dubai? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

MrCAP’s BodyRepair™ service helps repair your car body and give it the original look and feel. This repair service is performed by our experienced and qualified technicians, so, whether your car has been fully damaged or you’re just looking to fix minor damages, MrCAP’s car Body Repair service has it all.

  • Minor parking scratched or big accident damages;
  • Bumper repairs;
  • Leaking fluids;
  • Full car body color change;
  • Windshield damages;
  • Dents caused by trolleys, parking areas, or stones.

We also provide our SmartRepair service whenever possible.

Check out our finishes by clicking on one of the images on the results preview.

*Service is provided by a side company partnered with MrCAP.


BodyRepair™ is a car repair technique in the body shop where we repair car body damages after minor and big accidents.
When possible (not always) we can offer SMART-repair when the paint will be applied only on the damaged area.

All common body damages, scratches and deformations.

We will not be able to repair accident vehicle with chassis damage since there is a change that the car will not pass RTA inspection after that.

We provide 6 month warranty for painted panels.

Timing depends on the panel quantity and complexity.

The pricing depends on the amount of work, which can only be defined by our technician after he examines your car.

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