Get top-notch quality repair work on worn-out and Damaged Car Leather without replacing it.

6+ Hours

💸 400+ AED

MrCAP LeatherRestore™ - Car Leather Repair In Dubai

With MrCAP leatherRestore™ you will get

  Severe Cracks Repaired
  Stained Leather Color Correction
  Thorough Revamping
  Super Refreshed Appearance
  Cigarette burns & heat cracks repairs
  Stop Premature Aging
  Sky Rocketed Car Value

LeatherRestore Car Leather Repair In Dubai

LeatherRestore™ treatment by MrCAP was specially designed for leather, and vinyl interior trims.
It penetrates the surface and fills both significant and minor imperfections, yet it still has incredible flexibility in its finish.

Don't take our word for it

See the results for yourself!

Before LeatherRestore™
Before LeatherRestore™
Before LeatherRestore™
Before LeatherRestore™

WHY LeatherRestore™ By MrCAP!

The problem with most leather repair systems on the market today is that they use solvent paints that take ages to dry and are very smelly and toxic.

What sets the MrCAP LeatherRestore™ treatment apart from regular treatments is the high-quality waterborne acrylic emulsions that offer excellent durability, quick dry time, and are environmentally friendly.

MrCAP LeatherRestore™ penetrates the surface, fills significant and minor imperfections, and maintains an excellent soft and flexible finish.

LeatherRestore™ treatment by MrCAP is particularly for damaged and cracked leather and vinyl interior trims.
LeatherRestore™ by MrCAP will restore cracks, ware, and tare for a much longer refreshed appearance.

What our customers are saying

Amazing service at this location! They did a great job tinting my windows. I asked Mr. Mohammed the manager( by the way such a kind and helpful man) for something that would keep heat out and his recommendation made such a difference it’s almost incredible. While I was there a lady came with acid etching on her new Range Rover and they removed it in minutes. I highly recommend this place!

Liza De Luna

Absolutely spectacular work by MrCap team. The detailing and cleaning of the car was extremely high quality. There were spots and mud stains that I didn’t point out, which the team cleaned up. It was like picking up a new car. For a car aficionado like me, the way they cared for my beauty, made the paint pop, the wood trimming look rich, the wheels scratch free and shiny, the engine bay spotless ... made my heart skip. Lovely work. Many thanks to Ibrahim (client service), Rory (execution) and their team.

Melvin Michael

All I can say is WOW this place is like no other.
I got my old BMW Rims repaired here and it's just like new.. Mr. Mohamed is a very nice guy treats everyone with respect no matter where you come from the staff are excellent and really good at what they do. I'm truly impressed... Thank you to everyone that's works at Mr CAP

Mohammed Buseiri

Wallah, very professional service..Top Top Top.. highly recommended... I had to bring my car all the way from Abu Dhabi to this shop... used to suffer from bad chemical smell, something burning...its almost all gone... Well done...very satisfied with this service.. wish if they open a branch here in Abu Dhabi... Thank you guys 👏

Nafla Al Ameri

If your thinking about taking your car to a conventional body shop or even your car dealer to fix a dent , car detailing etc , forget it. Mr Cap will fix dents without having to repaint your car for a fraction of the price you would have paid at the body shop. Extremely professional friendly staff that restores your car to show room shine.

Nicolas Tunow

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