Boost the radiance & value of your car even if it’s many years old!

MrCap FormulaU™ - Surface Treatment In Dubai

The secret to a brand new-looking car all year long is FormulaU™

Revitalize your car’s shine with FormulaU, a potent surface treatment that binds chemically to the paint, offering unmatched protection against pollutants, UV rays, and road grime for years. This innovative solution not only maintains but enhances your vehicle’s gloss units, making it effortless to maintain a sparkling clean and glossy facade without the need for waxing.

New cars benefit as a preventive step, preserving and amplifying that desirable fresh-off-the-production-line look, even surpassing the initial gloss levels. Meanwhile, FormulaU works wonders on older cars too, rejuvenating the paint surface to possibly even surpass its original beauty, adding value and allure to your vehicle.

Trust FormulaU to sustain your car’s elegance and increase its value, with remarkable, long-lasting luster and protection, regardless of its age.

FormulaU™ Makes Your Car

Smooth & Shiny.

Dirt Repellant.

UV Rays & Chemical Resistance.

More Attractive.

Easy To Clean.

FormulaU - Surface Treatment In Dubai

Car detailing in Dubai has never been the same ever since FormulaU™ because FormulaU™ isn’t detailing.
It’s a surface treatment.

Warranty up to 6 years

Technicians know how to handle premium vehicles

Own chemical manufacturing

Don't take our word for it

See the results for yourself!

Before FormulaU™
Before FormulaU™
Before FormulaU™
Before FormulaU™

WHY FormulaU™ By MrCAP!

In a recent study on 15 car detailing processes by the Swedish Research Institute, FormulaU™ was
declared the most durable surface coat due to its Chemical wear resistance and UV-blocking

This means your car maintains its bright outlook longer even when exposed to acid water, regular soaps, and sun exposure for as long as it has FormulaU™. Increase the value of your car today. Get a FormulaU™ treatment now.

What our customers are saying

Amazing service at this location! They did a great job tinting my windows. I asked Mr. Mohammed the manager( by the way such a kind and helpful man) for something that would keep heat out and his recommendation made such a difference it’s almost incredible. While I was there a lady came with acid etching on her new Range Rover and they removed it in minutes. I highly recommend this place!

Liza De Luna

Absolutely spectacular work by MrCap team. The detailing and cleaning of the car was extremely high quality. There were spots and mud stains that I didn’t point out, which the team cleaned up. It was like picking up a new car. For a car aficionado like me, the way they cared for my beauty, made the paint pop, the wood trimming look rich, the wheels scratch free and shiny, the engine bay spotless ... made my heart skip. Lovely work. Many thanks to Ibrahim (client service), Rory (execution) and their team.

Melvin Michael

All I can say is WOW this place is like no other.
I got my old BMW Rims repaired here and it's just like new.. Mr. Mohamed is a very nice guy treats everyone with respect no matter where you come from the staff are excellent and really good at what they do. I'm truly impressed... Thank you to everyone that's works at Mr CAP

Mohammed Buseiri

Wallah, very professional service..Top Top Top.. highly recommended... I had to bring my car all the way from Abu Dhabi to this shop... used to suffer from bad chemical smell, something burning...its almost all gone... Well done...very satisfied with this service.. wish if they open a branch here in Abu Dhabi... Thank you guys 👏

Nafla Al Ameri

If your thinking about taking your car to a conventional body shop or even your car dealer to fix a dent , car detailing etc , forget it. Mr Cap will fix dents without having to repaint your car for a fraction of the price you would have paid at the body shop. Extremely professional friendly staff that restores your car to show room shine.

Nicolas Tunow


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