GlassRepair™ – Car Glass Repair in Dubai

GlassRepair™ – Car Glass Repair in Dubai

With MrCAP’s GlassRepair™ we will help you to fix your car glass in no time!

What is MrCAP’s GlassRepair™?
This is a noninvasive method to repair the front windshield in case it is damaged, and you want to avoid the trouble of removing the whole shield and replacing it with a costly brand new one.

At MrCAP we:

  • Provide friendly and down-to-earth service.
  • Have only certified technicians backed by years of experience.
  • We get you in & out as quickly as possible.
  • Work only with top-quality products. 
  • Guarantee aesthetic and secure results.
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This is the noninvasive method to repair the front windshield of your car. The GlassRepair™ is the perfect option for you in case your windshield is damaged and the trouble does not worth removing the whole shield and replacing it with costly brand new one.
Our technicians studied in Sweden and obtain the highest class resin to use for repair.

The moment you got the chip in your windshield, the risk for it to turn into the crack is growing every day. Thus, the sooner you repair the chip the safer your car is.
NOTE: We do repair cracks; however, we can’t guarantee the same quality as we do for stone chips. Also, the durability of the cracked and repaired windshield can’t be fully restored even with the best technologies available. So, if you got the stone chip, we advise you not to lose your time and contact us to fix it.

We can fix your front windshield in following cases:
* Stone chips
* Scratches
* Small damages
* Cracks

We strongly do not recommend repairing the crack running all across the windshield since the shield holds the carcass of the car along with the roof, so your vehicle gets less safe.
Also we do not do side windows and other kinds of glass. The reason is that the windshield is made of special triplex glass with membrane inside while other glass shields do not contain it.

We use the highest class resin material to fill chips and cracks. The effectiveness of chip repair is 85-95%, so the place of the former chip is barely visible. The most important is that we do guarantee the fixed chip NEVER turns into a crack.
The effectiveness of crack fixing is about 60-70% depending of its length.

Most chips can be fixed within 30-60 minutes. Long cracks and massive damage will require more time.

All pricing depends of the amount of work, so we can say it only after our technician inspects the chip or crack.

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