SmellStop™ | Car Odor Removal Service in Dubai

SmellStop™ | Car Odor Removal Service in Dubai
For difficult odor problems, only MrCAP’s SmellStop™ sanitation and disinfection treatment can help.

It efficiently breaks down strong odors. For example, from cigarettes, urine, mold, pets, leftover food, and smoke from fires. First, an InteriorService™- deep chemical cleaning is performed. Then we continue with different methods and applications until all smells are broken down and eliminated. You won’t be in doubt about your car’s increased value.

SmellStop™ efficiently kills all bacteria inside your car interior. This may be a great solution if you want to have peace of mind having your interior fully sanitized and disinfected.

  • Sanitation and disinfection of the whole interior.
  • Using MrCAP tools such as FogGenerator™ and OzoneGenerator™.
  • Sanitation of the Air Conditioning system.
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This method allows removing all unwanted smells and odors in your vehicle. You have kids or pets? You like to smoke in your car? Or maybe you just don’t feel your car interior odor is fresh enough? Then it’s time to resort to SmellRemoval™.
Our technicians studied in Sweden and know exactly how to get along with the most exclusive and gorgeous cars.

The unpleasant smell can go either from the car seats or from the conditioner. In the damp surrounding with the evaporator fungus molds start to grow, so the air produced by the conditioner starts smelling badly.
Any cleaning process starts with deep dry cleaning of the car interior.
Then we use two-step cleaning service including OzoneGenerator™ and FogGenerator™.

We remove all kinds of organic and nonorganic smells.

Well, if your car was exposed to the smell for years, we wouldn’t guarantee the fresh flower aroma there. Still we will do our best to freshen up your vehicle.

The effectiveness depends on how long the smell stayed in your vehicle. Thus, the sooner you get your car to SmellStop™ service, the better results you receive.

We usually cope with all necessary procedures within 1-2 days, in severe cases we might need some extra time.

The price depends on the amount of work: like whether you do or do not need to clean your conditioner. The dry cleaning of the car interior is included.
We announce the final cost after out technician examines your car.

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