RimRepair™ – Wheel Rim Repair in Dubai

RimRepair™ – Wheel Rim Repair in Dubai

If your car wheel rim has been damaged, bent, or scratched, and you’re looking to repair it here in Dubai, look no further! With MrCAP’s RimRepair™ service we make sure your wheel is fixed and your car is back on the road as soon as possible!
Our qualified technicians will perform the whole process from removing the wheel to fixing it back within 48 hours.

We make sure : 

  • To fix all minor or major scratches or bends.
  • To do full-color change or design painting if required. 
  • To apply ShineAll™ on all repaired rims.
Check out our finishes by clicking on one of the images on the results preview.

* Service is provided by a side company partnered with MrCAP.


RimRepair™ is the certified method to repair rims of your vehicle in case of deformation or scratches. We obtain the unique modern technology for this matter.
That’s why we are able to repair most kinds of damage for most popular rim types:
* Painted rims
* Diamond cut finishing
* Chrome finishing

We repair most kinds of damage occurred to auto rims:
* Scratches (in case you stroked the border)
* Deformations (after getting into the hole on the road)
We also do customizations: change the color of your rims so they match your design idea perfectly, add your personal logo etc.

Well, if you managed to break your rim in two pieces, there’s not good in carrying them to our specialists. There’s nothing we can do, really.

We provide 6 month warranty for the painted rims.

We can usually repair the rim in 1 or 2 days.

The pricing depends on the amount of work, which can only be defined by our technician after he examines your car.

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